The 9th Annual Halloweensie Contest

Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite things to help me stay inspired and remain creative, is to partake in contests. Author Susanna Hill offers a spooktacular opportunity on her blog called : The 9th Annual Halloweensie writing contest.

Here are the rules:

It must be 100 words or less, use the words potion, cobweb, and trick, be kid-friendly, and focused on Halloween.

Here’s my entry:

Flying Lessons

On all hollows eve, the witches were out. They zipped and zoomed. Except for Alice. 

She leaped into the air. 



She dashed down the hill. 



Alice tried a magic potion.


Her broomstick shimmied, shook, and flew into a cobweb.

“I give up!” she groaned. 

Suddenly, the wind swirled and howled.

The broom jostled and jolted.

Alice was lifted into the air!

“That’s the trick!” she whooped and hollered.

And up, up, up she flew, whirling and twirling… 

just like the other witches.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy writing!

Susanna Hill’s Valentine Contest

In the midst of revising a story and writing a couple of articles, why not add a fun little contest to the list! Ha! Children’s author, Susannah Hill, is hosting her fourth annual Valentine contest.

While I wasn’t able to put as much time into it as I’d like, I still enjoyed participating and giving it a whirl!

The story has to be kid appropriate, maximum 214-words, in which someone feels guilty. What fun!

Here we go!

Lovey-Dovey Ollie


Ollie Octopus swirled and twirled on a wave of love. After all, Octopuses have three hearts.

Ollie blew a kiss to a swimming Seahorse.
“Bleck. Enough of the smooshy-wooshy love,” cried Seahorse.

Ollie wrapped her arms around a grumpy Hermit Crab.
“Please, no hugs.” He snapped.

She batted her eyes at the Banded Butterflyfish.
“Is something the matter?” wondered the Butterflyfish.

When Ollie swam near, the snails squirmed, the fish flittered, and the seahorses raced away.

They were tired of her lovey-dovey ways.

With broken hearts, Ollie hopped on a current and surfed out to sea.

Whoosh! The water crashed and thrashed around her.

“Help!” cried a voice.

“Oh no!” gasped Ollie.

Grumpy Hermit Crab swirled and whirled past on a current.

Ollie flexed her arms and STRETCHED as far as she could reach.


She suctioned Hermit Crab and pulled with all of her might.


Ollie wrapped Hermit Crab in a hug.

Whoa! Ollie thought. I have superstrength!

“You saved me!” thanked Hermit Crab.

Ollie blushed.

“I’m sorry for being a little too lovey-dovey,” said Ollie. “ From now on, I will focus on using my super strength.”

Back at the reef, Hermit Crab shared Ollie’s heroic story and Ollie flipped and flexed her arms.

“Three cheers for Ollie!” The sea creatures chanted.