A New Year

Now is the time to welcome all of the posts about setting New Year’s resolutions and ways to tackle every single thing on your to-do list since 1995. Ha! I don’t often reflect on years past, but today I was reminded of some of life’s greatest joys.

Growing tired of pictures taking up space on my phone, a few years ago I downloaded an app that automatically uploads my photos into a folder. Each month, or whenever it finds pictures around the current date from years past, they send an email.

“Look what we found for you. Remember three years ago?” is what today’s said. And there, with his big blue eyes and beautiful grin is my son when he was barely two-years-old. Immediately my heart melts, and I open the link. Memories flood my mind as I stare at pictures of the kids’at grandma and grandpa’s house, Easter egg hunts, sledding, first swimming lessons, and so on. Let’s not forget the time when my daughter got her first stitches at the age of three from running into the corner of a bookshelf. At first, I wince at the thought and then I remember how brave she was. Now a kindergartener, she’s growing up so fast.

These pictures are a reminder of years past and how grateful I am for my family. They push me to reflect on how I spend my time. It’s easy to get consumed by the daily chores of life, but I’m reminded of the importance of taking the time to spend our days with the people we cherish most.

I’ve been a little absent on my posting as I’ve been dedicating more time to chasing my dream of becoming a children’s book author. Still working full-time, raising kids, and striving for my dream doesn’t leave me with much downtime.

But to all of you followers or readers that happen upon my little slice of ramblings, I wish you a happy new year full of love and happiness.


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