Thank You, Kids for Reminding Me Not to Grow Up

Have you ever wanted to dress up in a costume and just become that character for a while? Immerse yourself in the personality and life of someone else?

I watch my kids in awe and amazement when they play make-believe. I want to see what they see through their eyes. Before life pushes us to become grown-ups and our magical fairy wings slowly disappear.

How do I get that back?

My daughter and I were in the electronics section of a store the other day when one of her favorite songs came on full blast. Immediately she broke out into a dance.

The beat first started near  her shoulders and quickly traveled to her hips, and soon she had moves like Jagger. It didn’t matter that there were people around her. She just wanted to dance.

“Come on, Mommy!” She said while grabbing my arm to join the impromptu dance party.

I could have easily laughed at her silliness and shuffled her along to finish up my to-do list, but I didn’t. What the hell? I thought and joined in on the fun.

How liberating! I must have looked crazy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see shoppers staring at me, but guess what? My daughter and I were giggling and having a blast! It was enough to remind me of being a kid again.

Somewhere between the age of “I can’t wait to be a grownup” and “ Shit, I think I’m a grownup,” the child-like freedom slunk away and forgot to come back.

Bills, mortgages, work, the ho hum of everyday left chipped away at that natural curiosity of life and living that we all so desperately need.

I think about going to the ice cream shop with my son. He wants to try every single flavor there is. The more colors on a spoon, the better. Me? Let’s just play it safe. The usual, please. I say to the high schooler behind the counter.

Do you find yourself staying within your comfort zone? Are you just having your usual? Is it because we are afraid we won’t like it? Don’t want to take the chance because we’re afraid it won’t be as good? Of course, this isn’t about ice cream, but more like a metaphor for life.

What if we stopped caring so much? What if we harnessed more of that zest for life from our kids and sprinkled it in our own? Want to dance in the middle of an electronics section at a store? Try it. Want to take off on a whim to explore an area you’ve always yearned to travel? Or maybe start small and try a new flavor of ice cream.

Let’s bring back that spirit. I will if you will. In fact, I dare you.


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