Be Grateful, Kids

After a recent agonizing, hair pulling, trip to the store all I heard was this:

“I want to get one of these!”

“I need to have this! Why won’t you let me get this?”

“You don’t let me get anything. Ever. That’s not fair.”

Sound familiar? This attitude was enough for me to say no more fights and embarrassing throw your body on the ground convulsing meltdowns. Let’s be grateful, kids. In a fast paced, get everything by a one-click purchase world we live in, it’s time to be thankful.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

That’s right, my darlings. This age old saying still holds true. Mommy and daddy slave away hours at work so you can have that little made in China trinket. The one that does absolutely nothing, but falls apart, as soon as it comes out of the adult-proof package. No, you don’t need one in every single color, and no, your brother does not have more than you. Let’s not waste money buying another raisin-sized Shopkin character only to be lost in the crack of the car’s seat before we get home.

You Already Have That.

It’s at home, in your toybox, with all the other unwanted toys you thought you had to have, but never played with… ever. Did you know that there are children in Africa with no toys? Yep, it’s true. And if you keep complaining that you NEED to have that new toy, I’m buying a first class ticket for Mr. McStuffins to permanently visit the large continent.

We live in a Tiny House.

Well, not like the ones you see on HGTV, but our home is small. When mommy recently sweats like crazy cleaning house in our sauna, a.k.a the attic, I wasn’t making room for more dollar store tchotchkes. Nope, we’re embracing this new minimalist lifestyle with open arms.

What do you mean you have no toys?

I’m staring at a roomful right now. I just stepped on a whole pile of what felt like nails going into my foot but turned out to be a dozen Stegosaurus spikes. Remind me again why you NEEDED to have the 100-plus mega dino tub that’s practically missing all 100-plus pieces? Yeah, the ones that are strategically placed in areas for mommy and daddy to step on in the middle of the night causing us to curse all things holy.

So what if your friend has that.

You’re not them, and you should feel lucky. You see, it’s called guilt. Their parents are never around and feel that buying the latest, and the greatest new thing will make up for it.  Be grateful, sweetheart. That hand me down will be a priceless vintage toy one day.

You mind as well stop asking for something new. It’s not going to happen.

Feeling grateful yet?

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